Selected Preprints and Publications


Windham IA, Ragusa JV, Wallace ED, Wagner CH, White KK, and Cohen S. APOE traffics to astrocyte lipid droplets and modulates triglyceride saturation and droplet size. bioRxiv [link]

Miner GE, So SM, Edwards W, Ragusa JV, Wine JT, Wong Gutierrez D, Airola MV, Herring LE, Coleman RA, Klett EL, and Cohen S. PLIN5 interacts with FATP4 at membrane contact sites to promote lipid droplet-to-mitochondria fatty acid transport. bioRxiv [link] In press.


Burgess J, Nirschl JJ, Zanellati MC, Cohen S, and Yeung S. Learning orientation-invariant representation enables accurate and robust morphologic profiling of cells and organelles. bioRxiv [link]

Zanellati MC and Cohen S. (2022). The endosome as engineer. Science 378(6625): 1173-1174. Perspective on Jang et al., 2022. [link]

Pantazis CB, A Yang, E Lara, JA McDonough, C Blauwendraat, L Peng…MC Zanellati, R Basundra, M Deshmukh, S Cohen…WC Skarnes, MR Cookson, ME Ward, and FT Merkle. (2022). A reference induced pluripotent stem cell line for large-scale collaborative studies. Cell Stem Cell 29(12): 1685-1702. [link]

Windham IA and Cohen S. (2022). Lipid droplets go through a (liquid crystalline) phase. Journal of Cell Biology 221(11): e202210008. Spotlight on Rogers et al., JCB. [link]


Joshi AS#, Ragusa JV, Prinz WA, and Cohen S#. (2021). Multiple C2 domain-containing transmembrane proteins promote lipid droplet biogenesis and growth at specialized ER subdomains. Molecular Biology of the Cell 32(12): 1147-1157. #Co-corresponding authors. [link].


Arribat Y, Grepper D, Lagarrigue S, Qi T, Cohen S, and Amati F. (2020). Spastin mutations impair coordination between lipid droplet dispersion and reticulum. PLOS Genetics 16(4): e1008665. [link].


Joshi AS# and Cohen S#. (2019). “Lipid droplet and peroxisome biogenesis: do they go hand-in-hand?” Frontiers in Cell and Developmental Biology. 7: 92. Review article. #Co-corresponding authors. [link].


Cohen S. (2018). Lipid droplets as organelles. International Review of Cell and Molecular Biology 337: 83-110. Review Article. [link]


Cohen S, Valm AM, and Lippincott-Schwartz J. (2018). Interacting organelles. Current Opinion in Cell Biology 53: 84-91. [link].

Cohen S*, Valm AM*, and Lippincott-Schwartz J.  Multispectral live-cell imaging. (2018). Current Protocols in Cell Biology 79(1): e46. *Co-first author. [link].

Valm AM*, Cohen S*, Legant WR, Melunis J, Hershberg U, Wait E, Cohen AR, Davidson MW, Betzig E, and Lippincott-Schwartz J. (2017). Applying systems-level spectral imaging and analysis to reveal the organelle interactome. Nature 546: 162-167. *Co-first author. [link]

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Using live-cell, 6-color confocal microscopy to characterize the organelle interactome

Rambold AS*, Cohen S*, and Lippincott-Schwartz J. (2015). Fatty acid trafficking in starved cells: regulation by lipid droplet lipolysis, autophagy, and mitochondrial fusion dynamics. Developmental Cell 32: 678-692. *Co-first author. [link]

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